Countdown to Year 7 first day of school

The new Year 7 cohort joining us in September marks an historic moment for the school: it is our first Year 7 cohort ever and will be the vanguard of excellence as it progresses through the Key Stages towards our already thriving 6th form.

At the Royal Greenwich Trust School we expect every child to excel and will ensure that our core values of honesty, enterprise, responsibility and opportunity guide their wellbeing and success in the school. We believe that every child will succeed here and by placing a strong emphasis on six key areas – communication, investigation, networking, participation, scholarship and vision – we will ensure that individual needs are catered for and horizons for success are continually expanded.

We believe that education is a fundamental value of a mature and ethical citizen and that from the very start of their time in the school our students will be inducted into a love of learning, respect for oneself and others and an ethical engagement with the wider world. The school is a friendly, tolerant and respectful place where all differences are welcomed to resource an educational community hub that breaks down walls between people and replaces them with bridges of academic opportunity and excellence.